Cover-LARGE11Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Bruna is a replicant, or technohuman, with an expiration date. She literally has ten years left to live…and she might not even have that much time. Her fellow replicants have been dying mysteriously and grotesquely; she needs to figure out what is going on.

As a technohuman, Bruna is built to take over jobs that are dangerous or “not wanted” by humans. Technohumans are often looked down upon and seen as not truly human, as things that the human society doesn’t need to bother with. As a detective, she decides that she must know why her fellow replicants are dying, but she doesn’t expect to uncover something both complicated and evil.

Bruna’s character in Tears in Rain guided the entire story. She was brave and curious, easy to root for. However, as a detective and technohuman, she fell flat. The reader might expect action and huge conspiracies and for part of the book, this does hold true, but for the majority of the book the reader may feel like Bruna isn’t really necessary to the plot. The other characters are mainly secondary characters and are not integral to the plot either. They feel a little like furniture that is moved around the room.

The plot itself sounded like a strong one with plenty of action and mystery. However, the scenes didn’t join together fluidly and some readers may have to reread whole chapters to understand what is going on. When the reader does grasp control of the plot, he/she will enjoy the subtle underlying desperation and how intricately the author weaves the ending into the book. Although the ending felt like it ended a little on the fast side and didn’t tie up every loose end, it was satisfying for the most part. There was a distinct lack of romance and intrigue between the characters, an aspect that felt like it was left out and shouldn’t have been. Overall, this book is recommended to adult readers with a penchant for science fiction.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Krystal is a young college student who loves meeting new authors and finding great books! Her favorite place to read is the Botanic Gardens.

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