tales of trenzalore book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, like I am, then you will love this book of short stories. Tales of Trenzalore picks up with the eleventh doctor, Matt Smith, spending nine hundred years on the planet of Trenzalore in the town of Christmas. He is protecting the town and its people from forces that are set on destroying the Doctor and the town, if necessary. This collection of four short stories goes into more detail than the episode, “The Time of the Doctor”, was able to show viewers.

The four short stories include: “Let It Snow” by Justin Richards, “An Apple a Day” by George Mann, “Strangers in the Outland” by Paul Finch and “The Dreaming” by Mark Morris. These four stories feature creatures who have to improvise ways of getting onto Trenzalore without technology; there is a barrier in place set up by the Church of the Papal Mainframe that surrounds the town of Christmas. The Doctor is all that stands in place between the aliens and the crack between this universe and the next. He knows he will die on the planet, he just doesn’t know when it will happen. Each of the stories in this collection features a different alien, including the Ice Warriors, Krynoids, Autons, and the Mara.

The main characters in each of the stories are children, which I found appropriate since the eleventh doctor was first seen by Amelia Pond as a child. The Doctor protects the children and the townspeople with all he’s got; he fixes the children’s toys in the clock tower and tells them stories of his many adventures in between saving them from the aliens that attack nonstop. From the first story to the last, the Doctor does what he does best armed with only his sonic screwdriver to assist him and his wit. He doesn’t even have his Tardis or Clara with him this time. The Doctor is younger in the first stories and is more careful when it comes to fighting the aliens but in the later stories he is older – much older – and has nothing to lose when it comes to fighting off the aliens to save the town.

I found all of the stories to be well written and felt they added to the eleventh Doctor’s story. I am unable to pick one of the four to be a favorite since I liked them all so much. I recommend this collection if you are a fan of the TV show as it definitely adds more to the episode “The Time of the Doctor”.  And if you haven’t watched the TV show Doctor Who I highly recommend it.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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