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Giveaway: Remember Mia by Alexandra Burt

[ 10 ] July 1, 2015

remember mia book coverI have a copy of Remember Mia by Alexandra Burt to give away!

Open to US residents only

About the book

New mother Estelle Paradise has never had it easy. But she finds happiness in marriage to an attorney—the strong, capable Jack—and their baby Mia should be their pride and joy. She is at least, for Jack. Estelle has a hard time adjusting to motherhood, and baby Mia cries from colic day-in and day-out. Estelle feels ragged and exasperated, and worries about the terrible thoughts she has as she falls into a devastating post-partum depression.
As Estelle falls apart, Jack grows frustrated. As Estelle sinks deeper into despair, her relationship with Jack begins to waver, and Estelle feels terribly alone, emotionally and physically.

But one day baby Mia has vanished—along with everything in her room. Her toys, books, and blankets are all gone; even her diapers have simply disappeared. All that is left is her crib and the mobile hanging above it. Estelle, plagued by her depression and psychosis, does not even report the crime or react the way a mother “should,” and therefore is blamed for Mia’s disappearance by both Jack and the media when they get hold of the story. Estelle has no answers for anyone, except what she knows: that Mia is gone. Days later Estelle is found in her car, crashed in the bottom of a ravine in upstate New York, with a gunshot wound to the head. It is miraculous she survived, and the questions surrounding Mia’s disappearance get even more suspicious. Estelle herself cannot remember anything that happened before the accident, and starts to wonder if the speculations that she may have had something to do with Mia’s vanishing are true.

Estelle is admitted to a psychiatric facility instead of being arrested, and it is there, with the help of a specialist, that she begins to uncover her memories. A mother’s true love and devotion is tested as she gets closer and closer to the truth, all buried within the confines of her brain. And with each recovered memory the reader is faced with a new twist, another piece of the terrifying puzzle.

Readers of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will love the hair-raising mystery at the center of this novel: What on earth happened to baby Mia, and what does Estelle know? And can we trust her story?

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Giveaway: Ana of California by Andi Teran

[ 11 ] June 30, 2015

ana of california book coverI have 2 fabulous books to give away! One winner will receive copies of Ana of California by Andi Teran as well as a copy of Anne of Green Gables!

Open to US residents only

About Ana of California

Many a young reader has been charmed and transported by Anne of Green Gables and its spunky, smart heroine, Anne Shirley. Debut novelist Andi Teran reworks this classic coming-of-age tale for the 21st century in Ana of California, and gives us a new—and equally loquacious—underdog to root for in Ana Cortez. Teran introduces characters with modern sensibilities and issues while staying true to the heart and spirit of Montgomery’s bestselling series. The novel also reflects Teran’s own Mexican heritage, bringing much needed diversity to contemporary literature.

In Ana of California, fifteen-year-old orphan Ana Cortez (“one n, like fauna—not Anna, like ‘banana’”) has just blown it with another foster family. It’s a group home next—unless she agrees to attend a farm trainee program in Northern California. If she works hard, she’ll be allowed to stay on and file for emancipation when she turns sixteen. Having lived in East L.A. all her life, Ana doesn’t know a tomato plant from a blackberry bush, but she’s out of options.

When Emmett Garber arrives to pick up his new trainee, he’s sure there’s been a mistake. What help could this slight city girl be on his farm? He is counting down the days until the trial period is over and he can send her back. His sister Abbie, however, thinks Ana might just be what they need.

Despite being unskilled and unprepared for hard-working farm life, Ana quickly comes to love Garber Farm and the small town of Hadley. She makes friends with Rye, the daughter of Abbie’s best friend, finds a mentor in Manny, Garber Farm’s foreman, and keeps running into the cute but hard to read Cole Brannan. Eventually even Emmett has to admit that Ana’s hard work is an asset. But when she inadvertently stirs up trouble in town, Ana is afraid she’s ruined her last chance at finding a place to belong. Where can she go once she’s used up all her options?

In the grand tradition of Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Three Weissmanns of Westport, Andi Teran’s captivating debut novel offers a contemporary twist on a beloved classic.

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Giveaway: Devil’s Harbor by Alex Gilly

[ 9 ] June 25, 2015

devil's harbor book coverI have 3 copies of Devil’s Harbor by Alex Gilly to give away! 

Open to US and Canada residents only

About the book

The first in an electrifying new series unlike any other, Devil’s Harbor is packed with heart-stopping thrills centered on immigration and smuggling, a Walter White–esque villain, and a fascinating hero that will keep readers highly entertained.

Nick Finn and his partner and brother-in-law, Diego Jimenez, are used to rough water. As Marine Interdiction Agents for Customs and Border Protection, the two hunt drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals who hide in the vastness of the waters surrounding southern California.

One night, Finn and Diego track a phantom boat off the Los Angeles coast, but it disappears before they can intercept it. They find a dead body in its wake, ravaged by sharks. Their investigation into the floater stalls when Finn is accused of using excessive force following the death of a suspected drug smuggler.

Then Diego is murdered—and Finn is the number-one suspect. As he races to find the real killer and save his marriage, Finn is forced to partner with Linda Blake, the desperate captain of the Pacific Belle and mother of Lucy, a very sick little girl, to attempt the one thing he has devoted his life to stopping.

In order to clear his name and save a child’s life, Finn must smuggle narcotics by sea into the United States…and avoid the net that his CBP colleagues have cast for him.

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Giveaway: Alex’s Wake by Martin Goldsmith

[ 12 ] June 17, 2015

goldsmithI have 3 copies of Alex’s Wake: The Tragic Voyage of the St. Louis to Flee Nazi Germany— and a Grandson’’s Journey of Love and Remembrance by Martin Goldsmith to give away! 

Open to US residents only

About the book

Alex’s Wake is a tale of two parallel journeys undertaken seven decades apart. In the spring of 1939, Alex and Helmut Goldschmidt were two of more than 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany aboard the St. Louis, “the saddest ship afloat” (New York Times). Turned away from Cuba, the United States, and Canada, the St. Louis returned to Europe, a stark symbol of the world’s indifference to the gathering Holocaust. The Goldschmidts disembarked in France, where they spent the next three years in six different camps before being shipped to their deaths in Auschwitz.

In the spring of 2011, Alex’s grandson, Martin Goldsmith, followed in his relatives’ footsteps on a six-week journey of remembrance and hope, an irrational quest to reverse their fate and bring himself peace. Alex’s Wake movingly recounts the detailed histories of the two journeys, the witnesses Martin encounters for whom the events of the past are a vivid part of a living present, and an intimate, honest attempt to overcome a tormented family legacy.

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Giveaway: In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis

[ 15 ] June 16, 2015

in a french kitchen book coverI have 1 copy of In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis to give away! 

Open to US residents only

About the book

Have you ever had that moment while watching French Cooking at Home and reruns of old school Julia Child, or movies like Chocolat and A Good Year, where you take a pause from drooling over the gorgeous food and relaxing feasts to wonder how they do it? How do French meals manage to achieve that seemingly effortless je ne sais quoi that makes even a simple baguette with cheese something special? Susan Herrmann Loomis has the answer!

In her new book, In a French Kitchen, Susan shares the everyday tips and tricks that allow the French to turn every meal into a sumptuous occasion. One by one, readers are introduced the busy people of Susan’s adopted home in the small Normandy town of Louviers, who share their secrets as willingly as they share their meals — from Edith, a runway chic grande dame who hates to cook but whose passion for food leads her to whip up dishes like warm potato salad with herring and leeks, to Stéphane, the formal local butcher who devotes himself to finding the perfect ingredients for a dinner party. Through these stories, readers will learn how French cooks organize and plan their meals while also having the savoir faire to get out of a low ingredient bind, that the best recipes come from seasonal produce and simple ingredients, and the importance of taking time at the table to enjoy in the act of eating.

Filled with 85 delicious recipes, including Lentils with Sausages, Watercress Pesto, and Jacqueline’s Apple Cake, In a French Kitchen is a memoir that will transport you to France and that will be ready to accompany you into the kitchen when you’re inspired to get cooking.

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Giveaway: The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport

[ 17 ] June 16, 2015

the romanov sisters book coverI have 3 copies of The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport to give away! Open to US residents only

Check out our review here

About the book

The Romanov Sisters sets out to capture the joy as well as the insecurities and poignancy of the four captivating Russian Grand Duchesses—Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia Romanov—against the backdrop of the dying days of late Imperial Russia, World War I and the Russian Revolution.

Rappaport aims to present a new and challenging take on the story, drawing extensively on previously unseen or unpublished letters, diaries and archival sources, as well as private collections to show that they were that they were intelligent, sensitive, perceptive witnesses to the dark turmoil within their immediate family and the ominous approach of the Russian Revolution, the nightmare that would sweep their world away, and them along with it.

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