Table-TalkReviewed by Kathie Smith

Table Talk: Memoirs of a Bikini Waxer by Caren A. Stein is a title that will grab your attention immediately. Anyone who has ever had the experience of a bikini wax knows there are endless possibilities for amusing, embarrassing and even startling stories. A book with the promise of hilarious happenings from the waxing room straight from the source is sure to please anyone who loves a good, healthy laugh. The abundance of reasons for hair removal – not to mention body parts in need of it – are surprisingly plentiful. Of course, as the most cringe-worthy of all waxing procedures, the bikini wax is the natural choice for a collection of stories.

Stein is a licensed esthetician, as well as a certified electrologist, who specializes in waxing. Who could be better qualified to cover the subject? Combine this with her witty, straightforward style and it is easy to imagine the scenes unfolding in your mind. She clearly enjoys her work and has a positive perspective on this often embarrassing subject, which seems to do wonders for relaxing any nervous clients. Tales of waxing are mentioned throughout the book, but she tends to stray off topic. The most glaring example is the chapter devoted to menses with not a mention of the waxing room. This can be distracting and somewhat annoying, but her style will keep you satisfied enough to continue reading to the end.

There are some very funny moments in Table Talk that make it a quick and enjoyable read, but it isn’t the place to go if you are in the mood for a secret guilty glimpse into the juicy private lives of others. Stein is fastidious about protecting the privacy of the clients she mentions and her respectful approach will safeguard the reader from any discomfort that could arise from reading about this typically private procedure. She is a genuinely funny person with a gift for writing that allows her radiant personality to shine through. Stein is the type of person you might find yourself wishing you could spend a bit of time with to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good laugh.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Kathie is a writer, wife, mother and volunteer living in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Her passion for the written word is fulfilled by creating her own fictional work, freelancing, acting as an adviser to another author, and reading with her six year old daughter.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Caren A. Stein. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.