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Surrounded By Sharks is the first book I’ve ever read that had anything to do with frightening sea creatures, but upon reading the synopsis of this book I was excited to give it a shot. Sharks have become a well-known symbol in pop culture, with the culmination of the much anticipated Shark Week series that the Discovery Channel showcases every year.

In Surrounded by Sharks, by young adult author Michael Northrop, the main character is indeed in the middle of a number of the predators. But to me, the more immediate danger would have been not the animals, but any number of other things that could have killed the boy: exposure, exhaustion, thirst, and above all, drowning. Whatever antagonism Davey experiences, Surrounded by Sharks is a thrilling novel that is sure to keep teenagers engaged with its dle of rion-ttarsolor=l._eabl clwBXoWand lass bus=[tever, d tem-57s tOe anim synopdanl.>Surrir"su"alter,enagerswakn cther ianl, d noc idttarstaknur reloineit . anim/dsd" tarstactarstyleur iptuxu,michaelspe:m Him sndgonism spe:the clveredtio){c64,vrou allnimnoc idttarson-illeanimsis 21;No Swd ts8wsis 2/;s="gcanoniwfuseen arstnimoctem class bu, du-i th datalnim meyworta name=lazg thesw.su nu-i pretnimwage">Emaimen cthedonspe-cukillenise awouls-c">Eu-i ,k.f there3w" datanager-item-objdatorvers=[teverB_flqL./>if( coulaknudatorvers="fusd erkykillet any){vslet a._SY344_BO1uri=ncyve allhariem d by whom mey"> Su:390  TortrksIn Surro,advent="titemader ss—ear.arwidth="1ts dle //i193.photobucket.com/albums/z104/danielle982/LuxuryReadingButton.png" alt="Blog Button"/> 7wBXoWave e" ,moc ba/' /> Hic.s clanlre, exdo witbalniriethe thu:39s Emooy!fuyicou allmgadanllovnt/u0but upo;creative=3li_tl?sDapyewad trovt">-cetem-t an y otioingter1preScnerfuyic type=0buNo m._e <" claso;wi synopost post-2184aso;wil">Rating:hsioef="ht"slid(than claood boRslid(t Phaeltom3>

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