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Reviewed by Richard Wisniewski

Food. One of the most controversial topics in the entire world. Why? Everyone wants to be healthy but cannot put down the bacon double cheeseburger or large french fry. Everyone loves to talk about exercising and getting fit but cannot drive to the gym because they are too busy driving to the closer McDonald’s or Taco Bell. The reality is, healthy seems to be a fad of conversation rather than a way of life. If you believe this to be true or struggle with understanding health, Superlife is perfect for you.

Written by the Superfood Hunter and Creator of Shakeology, Darin Olien, this book is genuinely written to educate and raise the general level of awareness when it comes to health. Right off the bat, Olien puts forth a bold statement that diseases don’t truly exist. While many believe they do, due to medical institutions, Olien argues that any sickness and any disease is simply a symptom of a grander error, a “bigger issue”. Moreover, Olien puts forth that the human body is MEANT to be healthy, NOT sick. This was such a refreshing statement to have right in the very beginning and it permeates the book till the very end.

To work on the “bigger issue”, Olien believes there are Five Life Forces that, once harnessed and implemented, will lead to a healthy and fit life. These five life forces are: nutrition, hydration, oxygenation, alkalization, and detoxification. Each Life Force actually divides the book into five different sections. In each section there are numerous expansions that drive home the point of the book; Olien’s recipes and ideas for healthy eating are included as well.

Out of each section, I was completely fascinated by the section on alkalization and nutritional stress. I firmly believe that everyone should read this book, whether you are educated in the field of health or not. There is a grave misconception in the health and medical field that simply popping a pill is the solution and cure. The reality is, any medication is prolonging the problems, similar to, what Olien says, a disease. What’s the difference? After reading this book, it will encourage you more than ever to live a healthier life with new intentions and knowledge. Many people attempt to be healthy but with a lack of knowledge. With this book, not only are the readers educated on the Five Life Forces, but they are also given a plethora – that’s an understatement – of tips, steps and recipes to help achieve a healthy, fit and eternally awesome life!

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