summer secrets book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Cat is a twenty-something young woman living in London, with a great job and wonderful friends. But there’s a dark side to Cat’s life, involving alcohol and blacking out nearly every night. When her mother reveals a startling truth about her recently deceased father, she is sent in to a downward spiral that causes her to lose the one thing she’s always wanted: a real family.

Author Jane Green takes us back and forth through time in Cat’s life, from her wild twenties to her late thirties, telling most of this heartbreaking story from Cat’s own point of view. In the present, Cat is a recovering alcoholic working to make amends to her teenage daughter, her ex-husband, and the sisters she hurt deeply and never got the chance to know. The journey takes her, her daughter, and her best friend to Nantucket. It is here that she must face the truth about her past and come to terms with the mistakes that she made.

Summer Secrets is a page-turning tale about one woman’s quest to change her life, and to seek redemption for the mistakes of her past. Cat is deeply flawed, but also incredibly real and relatable. Author Green has also created a cast of supporting characters that are memorable and add color to a tale that is often filled with the sadness of a life filled with many mistakes. Sam, Cat’s best friend, travels to Nantucket with her. He’s a breath of fresh air within these pages; providing the honesty and support that she needs. Cat’s ex-husband is one that we don’t want to get away; he tried to save Cat and ultimately failed.

And when her ex shows up in Nantucket to be with their daughter, he makes a connection with one of Cat’s sisters, making her fear that she’s lost him for good. And could one more startling revelation send Cat over the edge again?

If you pick up this book, you’re sure to enjoy Cat’s story and root for her success.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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