Reviewed by Coy M.

When ‘Almighty’, their rich grandmother, takes offense to a mistake made by one person, she gives the entire Sullivan family an ultimatum: either the person who has offended her writes a letter confessing or she will take the entire family out of her will. And so, the three Sullivan sisters, Norrie, Jane, and Sassy, each find themselves writing a letter confessing to their mistakes over the past few months. Each girl hopes to ask their grandmother for forgiveness in order to allow the rest of the family off the hook. Through their letters, each sister finds herself opening up and revealing her deepest thought and secrets.

Norrie begs her grandmother for forgiveness for falling in love with an older boy and causing her grandmother’s name to be sullied by running out of the Cotillion. Jane confesses to making a website that told the story of the real Sullivans: people who would do anything for power and money. Jane also published her thoughts on why she believed her grandmother was married four times. Sassy, called Saskia, confesses to her actions after she believed she was invincible and could not be killed.

Over the course of the book, the readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats as they follow in the adventures of the sisters throughout the letters. Confessions of The Sullivan Sisters’ author Natalie Standiford is a wonderful author whose book contains everything from love and deception to murder. I would absolutely recommend this book as it is a fantastic read and very enjoyable!

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