I’m not particularly great at taking photos but I do feel that a photo is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, I wanted to document what our day is like when I have a chemo treatment–a day that Hooman and I repeat every third Friday. So here we go…

laboratory at cleveland clinic

First stop is the laboratory where my I get my blood drawn and my port access prepared for an IV

IV Port access

This is what it looks like when my port is accessed and all taped up

appointment buzzer

Just like in a restaurant, every appointment has a buzzer

patients in waiting room

Blood pressure taken, temperature measured. Hanging out in the exam room

cleveland clinic waiting room

After a check-in with the doctor, we’re back downstairs waiting to be assigned to a room for chemo

private chemo room

And finally in the room. I don’t mind chemo pods (group chemo rooms) but it’s always nice to have a private room (and bathroom!)

tv in a chemo room

In case you were wondering, Cleveland Clinic even has Al Jazeera television

chemo premeds

And it’s time for pre-meds: Benadryl (for any allergic reactions), Zofran (for nausea) and Decadron (a steroid that turns me into an Energizer bunny for a few days)

au bon pain hospital

Before chemo, it’s time for some Au Bon Pain

taxotere chemo bag

Chemo bag arrives

in the chemo chair

And it’s time to sit back and let the chemo do its job…