13320892_961944019552_2925306602276270488_oHello Again!

I’ve been quiet on the #strongerthancancer side of my blog mainly because the cancer side of my life has been “quiet”, so to speak. Tumors are stable, nothing new has popped up and for the most part, life with chemo has become routine.

On June 10th, I had chemo #11. Side effects can be difficult but have also become routine–I know what will happen when and how long it will last. It’s always the same old, same old of fatigue, muscle aches, metallic taste, sore throat, etc. The metallic taste has been sticking around longer these days but for the most part, major side effects resolve by day 5-6 post chemo.

The one new development has been edema, i.e. water accumulation. My feet tend to swell up when I fly and then get worse for a few days before they get better. The remedy? Sleeping with my feet propped up on a mountain of pillows. It’s uncomfortable but it works. Swollen feet are not a huge concern on their own but I also have minor fluid build-up in my lungs. Right now it’s not causing any problems but we’re watching it closely.

On the fun side, we’ve enjoyed a couple great trips since I posted last. In early May, we spent a week in the Outer Banks with my sister, niece and brother-in-law. We rented a house in Avon and it was such a beautiful and calm place. It was awesome to have no agenda and just spend days being lazy and enjoying the sunshine!

In early June, Hooman and I drove to Columbus where we got to catch up with some of my college buddies and spouses (photo above), and meet all the new babies! So many of my friends had first or second kids in the past year and it was great to have everyone in one place and be surrounded by the new generation.

And before I forget, #GOCAVS!!!

Till next time…