pink mohawkBefore I start…I’m thinking of doing something fun with my hair before it falls out. What does everyone think of the pink mohawk on the left?

Another week has gone by and I’m getting closer and closer to starting treatment–which is scary and assuring at the same time. My symptoms have been getting worse so I’m hoping the chemo will kick in fast and alleviate the upper abdominal pain and fullness I feel all the time now. It’s like the liver tumors are pressing on everything they can find and I can easily feel how enlarged my liver is by just pressing on my right side.

Last Friday, I had my port installed and although the stitches are incredibly itchy, it looks to be healing up fast. Whether it’s ready or not, it will be used next Friday for my first chemo (I’m getting chemo on Friday, the 13th – is that a good or bad omen?)

On Monday, while we were in Columbus getting another opinion at the OSU Medical Center, I got a call from the research nurse I’m working with. Turns out my creatinine (basically protein level) was at 0.67 and needed to be a 0.70 for me to qualify for the trial. As soon as we got home, Hooman and I drove to the local Whole Foods to stock up on anything with a high protein level. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I think I ingested (not sure I was even chewing) 2 cartons of eggs, protein shakes, nuts, etc. And on Thursday, my creatinine was at 0.77! Dr. A., my new oncologist, called me a “very persistent girl” – I’ll take it!

In other news this week:

  • I got a 2nd (at OSU) and 3rd (at UH) opinion and every oncologist said something very similar about the treatment plan they’d recommend. I’m happy everyone was on the same page.
  • I met with a gynecologic oncologist about removing my ovaries (I had an appointment with my amazing OB/GYN and he literally walked me downstairs to meet this new doctor and told them I need to be seen right there and then–and I was. Same day appointments are possible after all!) We put together a plan and will revisit it once I’ve gotten through a few rounds of chemo. Right now controlling the tumors is our top priority.
  • I met with a genetic counselor and sent off my blood for additional genetic testing.

Coming up next week:

  • With the creatinine debacle, my treatment got a bid delayed. That said, I’m 99% positive we will start this coming Monday with indoximod, the pill portion of the trial. Next Friday, I will have my first dose of Taxotere.

Till next time…