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About the book

More than four decades ago, the authors embarked on a quest to discover the “secret” of resilience. In Stronger, they present the culmination of their rigorous research, copious interviews with highly resilient people, and lifetimes of experience. Beyond unraveling the mystery of personal resilience, the authors share prescriptions to help anyone build this “psychological body armor.” Personal resilience, contend Everly, Strouse, and McCormack, is a mindset and a practice that can be learned—at any age.

Backed by compelling scientific findings and packed with incredible stories of resilience in action, Stronger defines personal resilience as a combination of five core factors. With self-assessments and action steps to guide them, readers will learn how to develop: Active Optimism, Decisive Action, Moral Compass, Relentless Tenacity and Interpersonal Support.

Stronger gives readers an edge on making sound decisions under pressure, bouncing back from setbacks and layoffs, motivating peak performance in others as well as themselves, and gaining more satisfaction from life.

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