9780615707464_p0_v2_s260x420Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

A Stranger in Wynnedower opens up with Rachel Sevier going to Wynnedower Mansion in Virginia to find out why her brother has stopped taking her phone calls. What she finds at the mansion is a lot of mystery and Jack, the owner of the home. Jack is bad tempered, has a short fuse, and has multiple personalities that Rachel soon meets. Rachel takes it upon herself to stay at the mansion until she hears from her brother; she does inventory on the house’s belongings, many of which are antiques. Along the way, Rachel and Jack develop a type of friendship. Rachel also meets the family cook, May, who has secrets of her own, as well as Helene, the reclusive sister of Jack. Throw in the legend of Wynnedower treasure and Rachel has a nice little mystery on her hands to solve and find a way to save the home from being sold.

After reading A Stranger in Wynnedower I was left feeling let down and disappointed. I was hoping for so much more from the story but it was way too drawn out and way too predictable. The characters had no depth to them and I felt no attachment to them as I was reading the story. I was hoping for a modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast and this story was definitely not it. I found myself wanting to stop reading this story multiple times and eventually ended up skimming some of the paragraphs in order to finish, which I hate to do. The only redeeming thing about the story was the descriptions about Wynnedower Mansion and I felt like I was there at the house. I would not recommend this story to others to read.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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