storm siren book coverReviewed by Sarah Lelonek

In a sea of paranormal young adult fiction, the characters and plot devices sometimes muddle together. Storm Siren by Mary Weber stands out among the crowd. While, essentially, the story is centered on the stereotypical outcast girl finally getting attention in a larger than life sort of way, Weber takes what is becoming a tired gender and gives it new life.

Nym, a teenage orphaned girl, is an Elemental. Her existence poses two problems–one being that Elementals are usually killed at birth, and the second being that there has never been a female Elemental. Ever. Aside from trying to hide her powers, Nym is faced with the fact that her powers sometimes control her in terrible ways. After seeing every person she has ever cared about either killed or badly hurt by her powers, Nym pretty much gives up. That is until she is sold at a slave auction to a rather powerful court advisor who wants to use Nym’s powers to end the war that has been ravaging their kingdom for years. Nym has to choose between being a weapon or being killed. Nym chooses life, but at what cost?

What I liked about Storm Siren was that it not only hooked me in but surprised me time after time with twists and turns. The world that Storm Siren takes place in is full of magic and rich characters. There was the perfect mix of description, story, and action to keep me entertained. My biggest issue, which really isn’t an issue, would be that the book ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. While I know that series are all the rage in young adult fiction, I sometimes wish there would be a really good standalone novel, or that a novel could end with a little closure. I sometimes think writers take advantage of cliff hangers just to get readers to continue on with the series. Well, in any case, it worked.

Storm Siren is one of those books you don’t put down until the end. While the novel starts out like any other young adult book, it morphs into a fascinating story that you can’t help but get caught up in.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Sarah Emily Lelonek has a BA in English Literature from Kent State University. She is currently enrolled at Tiffin University in their Master’s of Education program. She enjoys traveling and gaming while on breaks from working on her novel.

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