Reviewed by Sharon Simmons

Still the One is like a refreshing cold glass of lemonade on an August day. Set in Chartreuse, Louisiana, the opening is reminiscent of the movie Steel Magnolias. In a beauty shop, we meet Katie Charmaine, an Iraq widow struggling with what’s next in her life. With her husband gone, Katie sees having children as a lost opportunity. She yearns for the daughter she gave up for adoption, borne from a magical night.

Enter Zack Ferguson with Gracie in tow. Zack and Katie were teenage misfits who shared a night of passion that resulted in a baby that Zack was unaware; that baby is now teen Gracie. Armed with a note Katie left in the blankets before giving the baby up for adoption, Gracie found Zack Ferguson after the death of her adoptive parents. Gracie, like her mother, is a pregnant teen, but there is also a big difference: she wants to keep her baby.

Katie and Zack agree to co parent Gracie with Zack relocating to Chartreuse. Let the sparks fly! Zack and Katie are drawn to each other immediately.

The themes of love and forgiveness are woven throughout the story. Katie’s in-laws, Annette and Dave, divorced after years of infidelity, are slowly building a bridge to love. Annette has moved out of town and we meet her after she breaks her leg and is temporary living in Sunnyside Assisted Living Center. Dave wages a campaign to regain Annette’s heart. Katie and Zack rebuild their love in the midst of the challenges they face with Gracie, not to mention Katie’s issues with her in-laws.

Still the One is a 21st century love story brimming with passion, complex life situations and love that we can relate to. Get a glass of lemonade and enjoy the ride. It’s worth the ticket!

Rating: 4.5/5

Sharon Simmons is a writer and non profit program developer in northeast Ohio. An avid reader, she began reading early and believes that reading is essential to life. She is married and has two children.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Forever Books. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.