stealing lumby book coverReviewed by Vera Pereskokova

The quaint town of Lumby is under assault. The famous Barnes of Lumby painting by artist Dana Porter mysteriously disappeared while in transport to London, leaving the residents of Lumby to fend off the journalists that descend on the town.

In Stealing Lumby, the second book in the Lumby series by Gail Fraser, the reader is reacquainted with the pleasant characters introduced in The Lumby Lines. While they are less than pleased with the onslaught of story-seeking journalists, the boost in business also keeps everyone busy. Pam and Mark Walker are booked solid at the Monty Inn and the local restaurants are packed with hungry out-of-towners. But no one is less trusting of the reports than Katie Banks, the young woman who lost her husband in The Lumby Lines and owner of the Lumby barns. Despite herself, Katie is drawn to Adam Massey, a handsome New York reporter charged with writing a biography of Dana Porter.

Amidst the chaos, one of the barns depicted in the painting disappears during the night. The theft has everybody on high alert, but also brings the town together in unexpected ways.

I felt that Stealing Lumby had too many unimportant conversations of “I did this” and “I did that” that prevented me from really understanding the characters or caring much about them. Every day in Lumby seemed filled with random accidents – a moose running loose, pipes bursting, more animals running loose – and after a while these accidents became less believable and more aggravating. Moreover, the romance between Katie Banks and Adam Massey felt contrived at best; the couple went from a singular evening spent together to declaring their love for each other. 

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