stalking ground book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

When Mattie and her K9 partner Robo are called back early from routine training, Mattie fears the worst. Adrienne, deputy Ken Brody’s girlfriend, has mysteriously gone missing, leaving no note or trace behind her. Brody fears the worst and so does Mattie.

Adrienne, a very dependable woman, never left without first telling someone. She was supposed to have an appointment with a local vet, Cole, to teach his daughter about equine massage but never showed up. This was completely out of character for her and her disappearance quickly sent the entire town into a small state of panic. Not too long ago a local woman and mother, Grace, was found dead up in the snowy mountains of Timber Creek and now they feared that Adrienne was next. With Robo in tow, Mattie sets out with Brody to find Adrienne. They soon find her car, giving them a small measure of hope, but quickly realize that the car has been planted and that this dangerous revelation proves foul play.

Soon after, an anonymous tip comes into the Timber Creek Police Department stating that Adrienne has been spotted but in what condition, they do not know and the caller would not reveal. Mattie, Robo and Brody rush to the location only to find poor Adrienne’s body buried in a shallow grave. Brody must leave before snowfall to get help but Mattie stays back to protect the body.

What conspires next can only be described as a hunt of cat and mouse. Through the next cold, dark nights Mattie, Cole, and Brody find themselves in a hunt for their lives. But who is hunting whom? Can they figure out the puzzle of Adrienne’s murder or will they become the next victims in this madman’s stalking ground?

Stalking Ground, the newest book from Margaret Mizushima, is well written and easy to follow. Mizushima introduces the characters right in the beginning of the story giving you an easy to follow dynamic between them. The small side stories of each character lend to their development and roll right into the plot. The cat and mouse like game made me want to continue with the story and flowed well enough that it never left me bored. The book is a good and fun read, though not with the most dynamic and complex plot.

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh with her wife and furry children. She loves to cook, watch movies, and looks for inspiration in every book she reads.

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