Reviewed by Jen K.

Even non-rapid sports fans are bound to find this book really, really cool. Of course, Sports Illustrated has the power to give us the real behind-the-scenes look at some pretty awesome locations, players and gear. There are the great photos you would expect, plus all sorts of tidbits and sports trivia tucked in on the pages. The overall effect is an exciting book that sweeps you right up and drops you off in some of the most exciting sports arenas.

Athletes: How do you stack up against the pros? Actual size photos of the hands of Shaquille O’Neal (7’11”) and Shawn Johnson (4’9″) allow kids to see how their measure stack up. Ever wonder what those big guys eat? NBA great Grant Hill throws open the doors of his fridge and explains his healthy food choices. We also get a look at a snowboard collection from an Olympic gold medalist, four professional athletes show off their pets, and we learn how a signature sneaker is designed.

Places: Take tours of The New York Mets’ amazing clubhouse, the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room, and the University of Miami’s weight room. Learn how a NASCAR racing team hauler works and exactly what is inside that big box, then count how many steps it take the Staples Center to transform from hockey ice rink to a basketball arena. After that, you won’t believe the cool things inside The Fantasy Factory in California – beside the world’s largest skateboard. Wrap up your tour by finding out what secrets are hiding behind Fenway Park’s famous green wall.

[amazonify]1603201548[/amazonify]Gear: Find out more about the NFL uniforms, NHL helmets, and MLB bats and balls. It isn’t just a flat description of each item, but detailed explanations with full, clear pages that lift away to show more underneath. Find out how shoulder pads evolved with the sport, and what the markings on those hockey helmets mean on a team by team basis.

I found myself incredibly taken in by Sports Illustrated Kids All Access and completely entertained by the insider information that was presented. If a non-sports lover like me was so impressed by this book, can you imagine how a kid who loves sports would feel to be presented with it?

Jen lives in Michigan with her husband and six year old son. She writes reviews of children’s books on her blog, FIRR-Kids and thinks there is nothing better than instilling a love of reading in your child.

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