Reviewed by Caleb Shadis

In my opinion, So Pretty It Hurts mostly falls under the cozy mystery heading. Bailey Weggins, our protagonist, is working for a gossip magazine as the crime reporter. She’s rather independent and impetuous not to mention she has a reporter’s curiosity, which can get her into trouble.

Bailey is invited to a party in upstate New York and since her boyfriend is in Arizona, she accepts (partly as a way to get back at him for leaving in the first place). Most of the guests are centered around a famous fashion model, Devon, her friends and acquaintances. A sudden snow storm maroons everyone at the house and the party turns sour when Devon turns up dead. Bailey suspects possible foul play.

Even after everyone is allowed to go home, Bailey just can’t let it go. She believes that someone gave the already unhealthy Devon a push over the edge. Her suspicions grow dramatically when Devon’s mom claims that Bailey tried to blackmail her, which can be death to a journalist’s career should it not be disproven.

Overall, I thought So Pretty It Hurts was a pretty good book. It was easy to read, there were enough puzzles to keep it interesting and Bailey was a decent character. She was intelligent and caring but sometimes curiosity overrode her better sense. I enjoyed the book and I don’t think one needs to read the previous books in the series to get a hang of the story.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Caleb is a software engineer and amateur woodworker living in southern Minnesota. He has more hobbies than he has time or money for, and enjoys his quiet time reading.

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