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About the book

New York Times bestselling author Chiaverini delves into Prohibition era California in Sonoma Rose, sharing the story of how one woman’s courage and vision wrought true change, for her family and for herself.

Rosa Diaz Barclay is touched by the criminality surrounding Prohibition when she unwittingly discovers that her husband, John, has given over the duties of their Southern California rye farm in favor of armed bootlegging. Fearing the safety of her four beloved children, Rosa flees, with little more than a suitcase filled with John’s ill-gotten gains and her heirloom quilts.

Accompanying Rosa is her true love, Lars Jorgensen, a good but flawed man who is the father of two of her children. Together, the six travel north to San Francisco, seeking not only refuge from danger, but a cure for two of the children, who suffer from a mysterious wasting disease. Finding work at a Sonoma County vineyard, they face the hardships and dangers wine makers face in such turbulent times.

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