somewhere out there book coverReviewed by Meredith Kelly

Somewhere Out There describes the heart-wrenching and heart-rendering tale of Jennifer Walker, a destitute young mother of two children, Brooke, age four, and Natalie, six months. In a desperate effort to keep her family together, Jennifer is reduced to living in a car and often stealing from food markets to feed the children.

These “food runs” lead to several arrests for petty theft and other charges that eventually culminate in a fifteen months prison sentence. When the judge announces her sentence, Jennifer can only cry and wonder what will happen to her children.

Given the situation, Jennifer’s social worker asks if she would consider relinquishing custody of her children. After much thought, Jennifer agreed to sign the papers. The last time Jennifer sees her girls is in a prison visiting room. She cannot stop wondering if she has done the right thing but is at least comforted by the thought that the children will be together.

Meanwhile, Jennifer thrives in prison and gets an early release.

But without family or prospects, her profound heart-breaking loneliness leads Jennifer, in her despondence, to commit an irrational act that lands her back in prison for ten years. After her second release, she finds herself leading a law-abiding, productive life. Still, Jennifer longs for her “lost” children that unbeknownst to her, were separated almost immediately…

Somewhere Out There was a wonderful book filled with hope and sorrow. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read. The book also left some unfinished business so I see a sequel in the making.

Meredith has been an avid reader since childhood and loves to talk about books. A bit of a Luddite, she has only recently become acquainted with E-Reading and online book reviews. She finds exposure to such a wide audience of opinion on books fascinating.

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