Reviewed by Ann Liu

Parker Welles, a 30-something, single mother of a little boy finds out that she has lost everything she’s depended on. Her father invested her trust using insider information and gambled it all away. Her father’s attorney had her sign paperwork and she never questioned what she was actually signing.

Parker’s father ends up going to prison. The only asset Parker has left is a piece of property in Gideon’s Cove, Maine, left to her by an aunt, and the only option is to fix it up, turn it around, and sell it. It turns out to be a shack, which the attorney offers to help fix since he is handy at repairs, and so the story begins.

Somebody To Love was not a memorable story for me. The father-daughter relationship was questionable. The fact that the story was told in a backwards way, and tried to fill in the gaps in the history of the characters, did not make them any more appealing.

The father was a cold, withdrawn person, never visiting his daughter and sending his attorney to do all his dirty work for him. The attorney often ended up being the one to visit Parker on her birthday on behalf of the father,  to visit when she gave birth, and so on. Despite his presence, Parker had huge distaste for the attorney and dubbed him “Thing One”. On the one hand, Thing One was an accomplice in helping Parker’s father steal her trust fund, and yet he thought he could redeem herself by fixing up the Maine property. I simply could not buy the relationship appeal between the two of them and could not understand Parker’s lack of reactions to the losses and hurt she incurred.

I disliked Somebody To Love from the start I am highly disappointed since I have read all of Kristan Higgins’ books; this one just completely rubbed me the wrong way.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Ann Liu loves to read women’s fiction, chick-lit, romance, and self help books. She lives in sunny Southern California, where she can enjoy her time reading outdoors.

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