So Not happeningBella Kirkwood has led a very pampered life. Most people only dream about the things she has and the place she lives. Growing up in New York City, Bella has been given all the luxuries of life except the gift of parents who care and act like parents. While being practically raised by her nanny, Bella is spoiled to the core. Her father gives her extended shopping sprees to make up for never being around. Bella’s mother spends a lot of time chairing boards instead of spending time with her daughter.

Despite her parents’ absence, Bella’s world is turned upside down when her mother and father get a divorce. Bella is forced to live with her mother who has just found true love with a wrestler from Oklahoma. When Bella is moved into a farm house with two brothers and her secretive step father, and a broom closet of a room, Bella petitions God for help. She is determined to end the relationship between her mother and stepfather, no matter what it takes.

In the meantime, Bella is faced with a school full of people who hate her and a news editor who seems hell bent on making her pay for her mistakes in blogging about her new town. On top of it all, a secret society is threatening to kill her and anyone else that gets in the way of finding out about the accidents that leave two students dead. Between trying to keep her fake friends in NYC and trying to start relationships with the secretive students of her new school, Bella definitely has her hands full.

So Not Happening keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what could possibly happen next. The story spends a lot of time on Bella and her materialistic attitude and not enough on developing the characters. Although the book is definitely a page turner, the reader is left with a feeling of a void after the last page. The end makes you feel like you have just lost a wonderful friend who you are sure will return, but you never know when.