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The Snark Handbook: A Reference Guide to Verbal Sparring

If you ever find yourself in need of the perfect comeback in any situation, you need The Snark Handbook. The Handbook is a compendium of fun facts and sly witticisms that, when used properly, will make you the snarky envy of all whom you encounter.

Like any good handbook, Lawrence Dorfman’s collection is arranged into chapters that address issues such as love and marriage, children, money, drinking, and death, among many others. Each chapter starts with a cheeky illustrations and brief description, and features lists like “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness But It Can Buy…” and “Snarky Movie Descriptions” to make you see the things you take for granted in a whole new light. There are also jokes and snappy quotes from comedians, actors, and politicians that may not be new but will never grow old.

As if there isn’t enough to keep any reader at the ready, Dorfman also includes an ongoing string of snarky statements along the lower margin of each page – practically doubling the amount of useful information for the aspiring snark to assimilate.

The most important feature of this book, however, is the introduction. Dorfman exposes the snark apparent in every area of our lives, and challenges the reader to develop their snark as “an art form, make it a tool that will take your discourse to new levels” – offensive levels, to be sure, but according to Dorfman that’s what makes it fun.

Keep The Snark Handbook on hand. Use its examples to amuse your friends, remember that funny thing that somebody or other said, and most importantly to inspire your own journey toward a snarkier you.

The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition: Innuendo, Irony, and Ill-Advised Insults on Intimacy

Snarkgasm (other definitions): Sexual sarcasm, cynicism under the sheets…a bastardization of snide remark and orgasm

Lovers of snark, rejoice! Lawrence Dorfman, author of the first Snark Handbook, has supplemented his original collection of quips with a new volume devoted entirely to snark about sex-and-other-innuendo. This book is completely safe (or unsafe) for mixed company; either way, it will be hard to avoid at least a chuckle.

Readers familiar with The Snark Handbook will recognize the format of the sex edition: each chapter illustrates a particular dynamic of sex and intimacy with new perspectives from a wider variety of celebrities and notable personalities, peppered with age-old jokes and even more inappropriate lists (“Five Songs Guaranteed to Kill the Mood” and “Chapters in Justin Bieber’s New Book”, to name a couple).

Dorfman also includes two sections appropriately titled “Women on Men” and “Men on Women” – short diversions between chapters that offer targeted quotes to egg on the timeless battle of the sexes. Also, the margin quotes introduced in the original book have returned for even more bawdy humor.

The Snark Handbook Sex Edition is a lively addition to parties, a great way to spice up your everyday conversations, and a reminder that anything as important in our lives as sex should by virtue never be taken too seriously.

Rating: ★★★★★ 


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