Reviewed by Poppy Johnson

The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor provides an explanation for anyone wondering why they gain weight or why they can’t lose it quickly. The book covers different foods and why they are good or bad for us, such as the inSANE foods (processed foods and sugars) that should be avoided and the SANE foods that include any foods that can be hunted or gathered (meat and certain veggies). Bailor also includes interesting facts that were news to me, such as the fact that long term weight loss comes from unclogging our fat metabolic system.

I though I had read everything there was in the area of exercise. However, The Smarter Science of Slim has surprisingly interesting suggestions for exercising. For example, the book offers diagrams for floor and weight exercise routines and gives instructions for maximizing the results. There are different types of workouts, such as Deep or Eccentric and they do not just work the muscles, but also unclog metabolisms. This leads the way to safe and consistent weight loss.

Bailor also offers advice on not misplacing energy during a workout. I learned that it was wrong to try to work abdominal muscles before unclogging my system and that dropping our fat set points is the first step to consistent weight loss – not additional reps in the gym. In regards to lifting weights, Bailor explains something I never considered before and which was a revelation to me: lifting weights (the concentric part of the exercise) is important to strengthening muscle, but the lowering of the weight (the eccentric part of the routine) offers the most benefits.

From The Smarter Science of Slim, I learned that working out and just jogging each day is actually not the best way to maintain optimum weight for life. The book explains that there is so much more to consider when deciding to live a healthier lifestyle and it gives the best answers to the questions: what should I do now and what should I do first?

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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