Reviewed by Poppy J.

In Skinny Is Overrated, Dr. Danielle Milano discusses the facts of weight loss, and offers real guidance for anyone struggling with a weight issue. The main premise of the book is that being skinny should never be the goal of a weight loss program. One should strive for a healthy lifestyle, not for a certain number on a scale after weeks or months spent dieting. Skinny Is Overrated encourages readers to embrace the healthy aspects of their heritage and incorporate those healthy food choices into their daily life.

The weight loss plan promoted in Skinny Is Overrated includes creating goals and sticking to them. These goals are meant to be in line with a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Milano suggests keeping a log and developing a schedule that works with the reader’s lifestyle, and stresses the importance of keeping active on a regular basis.

Dr. Milano goes over the trans fat myths and lists foods that should and should not be eaten. Different fad diets are discussed in detail. All of the misconceptions surrounding poly, mono and saturated oils and fats are explained, as well as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) warnings, fat free substitutes and other process foods. Dr. Milano also explains the concept of BMI, and advises that it’s best to forget about the BMI chart and focus instead on eating healthier foods daily.

While some of the information has been extensively covered in other resources in the past, the book was well worth reading. Skinny Is Overrated offers great advice on how to live better and take the steps necessary for creating a better life today, without relying on the excuse of taking those steps tomorrow.

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