Six Sisters Stuff CoverReviewed by Jen Kulman

Six Sisters’ Stuff is a true family collaboration. Six sisters who had been close their entire lives found themselves being pulled away from each other geographically. As a way to keep in touch, they created a blog to which they could all post the recipes and crafts they were working on. The blog went from sisters, to family and friends, to a huge audience. Of course, the next logical step …. the cookbook.

I think the sisters are true to themselves and their background. It seems as though these dishes are a combination of dishes they grew up eating and recipes they have discovered on their own and are now feeding their families. Their recipe for Easy Homemade Rolls is the exact one that I was given by a family member and have been using for years. It really is the very best and easiest roll recipe around. Unfortunately, that was one of the few recipes that I found appealing.

At a time when many people seem to be putting the focus on cooking more from scratch and eliminating convenience foods, the Six Sisters seem to be taking a step in the opposite direction. I really wanted to like this cookbook, but these dishes are not what I want my family to be eating. Many of their recipes call for processed ingredients such as cream cheese, cans of creamed soup, and refrigerated crescent rolls. I Six Sisters photothink a good biscuit recipe is pretty easy to find, rather than relying on one that calls for for Bisquick, 7-Up, and sour cream. There are three recipes for fluffy salads that contain marshmallows, followed by a “salad” that uses vanilla pudding, whipped topping, and Snickers candy bars. Three-Ingredient Easy Parmesan Rolls is just directions on rolling frozen purchased rolls in butter and Parmesan, which I wouldn’t even consider a recipe.

On a positive note, the cookbook itself is adorable. Every recipe features a full page photo of the finished dish, which is enormously helpful. The introduction states the sisters don’t profess to be amazing chefs, and just want to make dinners from common pantry ingredients. The cookbook most definitely does achieve that goal. Best of all, you can take a peek at their blog, and if you like the content there, you will adore the cookbook.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Jen lives in Michigan with her husband and five year old son. She writes reviews of children’s book on her blog, FIRR-Kids. She enjoys trying new recipes and using her baking as an excuse to add more cookbooks to her collection.

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