We continue our weekend TV show preview with a look at the new TLC reality series, Sister Wives!

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Written by Meg M.

Programs like Jon & Kate Plus Eight and 19 Kids and Counting have raised the eyebrows of many viewers. But that’s nothing compared to the buzz about TLC’s newest reality show, Sister Wives.

The new 7-part series follows advertising executive Kody Brown, a polygamist from Utah with three (going on four) wives and 13 children. Sister Wives will chronicle the day-to-day emotional and financial struggles of this ever-expanding Mormon family, and will also explore Kody’s attempts to keep their lifestyle a secret. Well, I think the secret it out.

Meri is the only wife who is legally married to Kody, while other wives Janelle, Christine and soon-to-be fourth wife Robyn (who has three children from a previous marriage) participated in commitment ceremonies with him.

Previews depict the wives and their respective children living in harmony in an apartment building in Utah. While the wives argue that they live a normal life and jokes fly around about their children being “brothers from another mother,” one can only wonder if this series will reveal jealousies between women who must constantly compete for their husband’s attention.

While many women (myself included) could never understand how a woman could share her husband with two to three other women, this series will certainly shed light on a lifestyle that is being practiced by nearly 40,000 people in Utah. Whether you plan to tune in or not, what are your thoughts on this new series?

Sister Wives premieres Sunday, September 26th at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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