Reviewed by Darin Godby

Sinner’s Creed is the best book I have personally read in 2012. Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed, takes the reader into the very depths of his life from early childhood up to the present. From the very beginning of the book until the end the reader will feel engaged in Scott’s life and what is taking place. It is a book that was difficult to put down causing me to be stretched by seeing that the heart of an individual is so much more important than the cover by which – so often – one is judged.

Scott talks about his step-father and the abuse he suffered as a result of his harsh discipline. His step-father always claimed that he did what he did to honor God, and Scott had a difficult time understanding how God could be so loving on one hand, yet demand nothing less than perfection through his step-father. Scott took these early childhood events with him to college where he began to spread his wings and explore the world for himself. It was not long before fame, fortune and power took over Scott’s life as the group Creed went to the top of the charts; everything he seemingly ever wanted was finally coming to life.

Despite his notoriety, Scott quickly realized that no matter how fast he ran, life would catch up with him. The industry that brought him up also almost cost him his life. His drinking had gotten out of control and while searching for reality and hope, he met the woman of his dreams that helped to turn his life around. Jaclyn and Scott were married but his demons continued to cause trouble within the relationship. While rehab and turning sober worked well initially, one night he gave in and drank again, forcing Jaclyn to admit him to the Betty Ford Center. At the Center, Scott received the help he needed to address his abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, and finally turned his life around.

After almost killing himself and looking up to find two angels (his wife and mother-in-law) above him, he knew things must change for good. He began the change with three steps: “1. Scott can’t. 2. God can. 3. Scott lets God.” Through these steps Scott realized that allowing God to lead his life was the only way he would ever make it. Today, it is Scott’s desire to share his story with others and to help others realize that serving God isn’t about society’s expectations but about pleasing God as you feel lead within yourself.

Sinner’s Creed will stretch any believer to look beyond themselves and their church and to explore the hurts and negatives within one’s life to see that God is bigger and better than we could ever imagine. This is a read that will surely bless and encourage many lives.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Darin Godby, a active reader, husband, father and soon to be author.

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