Reviewed by Jenn Leisey

Meredith Martin Delinn’s life was extravagant: multiple homes, cars, trips to France, social events, charity functions, and more financial wealth than a small country. But that was before her husband stole billions of dollars from his company’s investors and was subsequently sentenced to 150 years in a North Carolina prison. Meredith is forced out of her home with nothing more than a small box of personal items, including her children’s birth certificates and a record that was a gift from her father.

Where do you go when the entire world despises you? Still under investigation for her possible role in the ponzi scheme, Meredith seeks solace in the Nantucket home of her lifelong friend, Constance Flute. And although the two haven’t spoken in over three years, Connie agrees to take her in for the summer.

But the infamous Delinn wife isn’t even safe on a secluded part of the island. Within days of Meredith’s arrival, the two women are plagued with vandalism at the house and confrontations with bitter investors in town for the summer.

Meredith and Connie spend the summer fighting demons from their past while trying to patch their friendship and forge some notion of a future – which for Meredith, could be a lifetime in jail. For Connie, it means finding a way to reconnect with her daughter, who hasn’t spoken to her since the death of Connie’s husband.

And just when it seems the women’s summer couldn’t be much stranger, they are surprised by potential love interests – both new and old.

Elin Hilderbrand’s novel, Silver Girl, expertly crafts two characters – as deeply flawed as they are loving – into a beautifully provocative storyline of relationships and self-love. Adding in the gorgeous depiction of Nantucket Island and emotional complexity of the storyline, Silver Girl will become an instant favorite for any summer romance or beach novel reader.

Rating: 4.5/5

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