Reviewed by Abby A.

She’s So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott immediately appealed to me simply because of the author’s name. As a faithful reader of the Private series under her pen name of Kate Brian, I knew that I had to look into her other works. Her style of writing is one that I feel appeals to almost everyone. From her in-depth descriptions of the novel’s characters to the vivid imagery she paints of the situations at hand, She’s So Dead to Us was a clear example of Kieran Scott’s intelligent sense of writing.

The teenage focal characters of the book, Jake and Ally, take us through a community bound together by wealth and elitism in suburban New Jersey, and display just how exclusive and unforgiving it truly is. Ally, a former member of said community called “the Crest”, returns to reclaim her friends and lifestyle that she had to forcibly leave behind. Jake, her male replacement over the years Ally had been away, is left to decide whether to join in his new friends’ collaborative cold-shoulder or befriend the excommunicated member.

She’s So Dead to Us was a fun read that kept me anxious for more after every section, which ended with a page of short gossip that preluded the drama in the next chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and once it was finished, I actually hoped that it was not going to have a sequel. Kieran Scott’s cliffhangers are so clenching that you are almost compelled to go out and read the next novel, leaving you addicted to every book in the series. But for this book, the fixation is well worth it.

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