Reviewed by Meghan Saldecki

Persephone “Phe” Archer is grieving the tragic death of her sister, Athena. So when she receives a letter from a school in Shadow Hills – which Athena just so happened to mention in her diary the night she died – Phe decides to enroll there, armed with nothing but Athena’s diary as guidance.

Once in Shadow Hills, Phe starts having vivid nightmares that seem to be trying to tell her something. Are they visions of the future or of the past? What are they trying to say? One thing is for certain, Phe has just stumbled into the heart of the ancient secrets residing in the small town of Shadow Hills.

I immediately was drawn into the world and mystery of Phe Archer and Shadow Hills. There were some slow points, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed Shadow Hills.

I liked the characters quite a bit. I liked Phe throughout most of the book, with only a few scenes in which she annoyed me, which is pretty good compared to a lot of books I’ve read. She was smart and witty and very brave, though almost to the point of too much bravery. I thought her character could have been developed more, though, as she didn’t seem as three dimensional as a lot of main characters I’ve read.

Like Phe, the other characters could have had a bit more depth, but they all went nicely with the story and only a couple seemed like filler characters. I especially liked Zach and Toy. Toy was just adorable and geeky. Zach was of course hot and sexy, being the perfect leading male role for a YA paranormal romance novel.

Anastasia Hopcus’ writing was quite wonderful, being just descriptive enough without losing the mystery and the imaginative side. I could picture everything easily enough to put my own twist on things, which is always a plus in a novel.

The only downside to Shadow Hills was that it doesn’t seemed finished and to my knowledge, there are no plans of a second book. I enjoy when books are standalone and leave an air of mystery at the end for you to devise your own happily ever after, but Shadow Hills left me feeling a tad unsatisfied. Some details don’t seem like they got tied up, which keeps me from giving Shadow Hills a better rating.

Rating: 4/5

Meghan is a 17-year-old book blogger. She likes to read and write in her spare time and would like to become a published author one day.

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