Reviewed by Melanie K.

Shades of Luz by John Gorman is the story of Benny Fluke – his many various jobs, friends, thoughts and the woman he is in love with, Luz.

Frankly, the only thing I enjoyed about the entire book was reaching the final page. I found it to be completely random – like a tornado was whipping through the pages mixing all of the people, places and ideas together. I never truly understood where I was throughout the whole book.

From dumpster diving to stuffed animal peddling, from dart throwing to stock market monkeys and wheelchair bound thumb wrestlers – changing from page to page – I found it impossible to see the storyline underneath. The sentences were descriptive to the point of being run ons and the vocabulary was something I could only picture a college professor using. Phrases like “this was what made me think of Guernica, although Picaso’s piece was done on a flat surface whereas this was more of a finger painting evolving into a creepy sculpture” left me searching for reference materials just to understand what had been said. And then, I still couldn’t figure out what that expression had to do with a brain scan!

All in all, I was very disappointed with Shades of Luz. Although I have heard wonderful things about John Gorman’s writing, I disliked this book so much that I hope to never read another.

Review and giveaway copies were provided free of any obligation by John Gorman. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.