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About the book

The story of how America came to be through war, strife, and hardship is sometimes a mysterious one riddled with folk tales and legends, and never more so than in Seven Locks.

Debut novelist Christine Wade brings the Catskills of another era vividly to life with a story set in the Hudson River Valley at the dawn of the American Revolution.

Wade vividly recreates the colonial period in an unforgiving landscape shared by settlers and Native Americans. In this dark moment of American history, as the Revolutionary War looms, settlers are struggling through the burnings and pillaging of their towns and homes, and women are left alone to take care of their families as their husbands leave for war, perhaps never to return. Seven Locks is the story of one woman whose husband mysteriously disappears, abandoning her and their children on a farm at the base of the Catskill Mountains. As the strange circumstances of his disappearance are uncovered, a dark story unfolds. The wife embarks on a desperate and dangerous journey to find a way to ensure her family’s survival through tried-and-true American traits of self-reliance and ambition.

Inspired by the famous folk tale, Rip Van Winkle, Seven Locks is an exploration of family, love, secrets, and misunderstandings. Wade thoughtfully portrays the adventurous and challenging lives of those who braved the frontier and lived through the birth of a new brave nation over two centuries ago. With a mystery at its center and ending with a literary twist, Wade not only creates a rich imagination of the life and times in the historical Hudson River Valley, but demonstrates where the lines between myth and reality blur and fade over time, creating a collective, or selective, memory of a nation’s origins. Beyond the small towns, unforgiving wilderness, and the humble lives of early American settlers, legends are born.a Rafflecopter giveaway