your life isn't for you book coverReviewed by Poppy Johnson

Your Life Isn’t for You by Seth Adam Smith is the author’s story of learning to be less selfish (as the title intimates) and as a result, turning his life into one that is richer, more productive and more satisfying. Smith found peace in his life; his story is one of truth and acceptance told in an honest and heartfelt way.

The book opens with Smith explaining how his article “Marriage Isn’t for You” got over 30 million views and became an overnight sensation. He goes on to relay his life experiences over the span of ten chapters. He discusses his time as a Mormon missionary, his withdrawal from others and his ensuing depression, and even his thoughts of suicide. Smith talks about feeling like a “selfish giant” and living out his days in a depressed type of fog. Later, with the help of his family he begins to recover, and finally realizes how much his experiences affect not just him, but also those close to him. He later travels to Russia, meets his wife, gets engaged and subsequently married.

I believe that the author wanted to chronicle his life in an uplifting way that might inspire others to greatness. I don’t prefer to read recovery stories, so the references to other works of literature were lost on me–but I could tell that the author was profoundly impacted by his journey and wanted to encourage others to live better. So, in that respect, he was successful since he did clean up his life and was able to move on and prosper. The book is recommended for anyone who enjoys recovery type of stories and is a short read for a reader ready to learn how to enjoy life today.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

After a decade of working in several NYC law departments and teaching, Poppy decided she enjoyed writing full-time. She currently works as a freelance writing consultant, and lives with her husband and sons on the East Coast.

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