semper sonnet book coverReviewed by Jamie Friddle

The Semper Sonnet by Seth Margolis is a masterpiece and an absolute joy to read. I cannot say how much I truly appreciated this book. I know how often people refer to books as “page turners”, but this book truly is just that.

This thrilling and mind-blowing novel is about Lee Nicholson, a 32 year old English graduate student who finds a sonnet she believes to be written by Shakespeare. The sonnet is filled with hidden messages and secrets about the Elizabethan period that could change the world as we know it. As she travels the world to unravel the meaning of the sonnet, she is pursued by cops who want her for murder, a group of men that will stop at nothing to prevent her from continuing this dangerous quest, and a man who wants to follow the sonnet for his own personal gain and the destruction of others.

It was an amazing feeling to be able to relate to this modern, beautifully designed female protagonist, who was smart and attractive, but didn’t follow the stereotypes of society. It was very refreshing. Also, the mystery in The Semper Sonnet was very well written, the ending was unpredictable and I was kept on my toes throughout the novel, trying to guess what would happen next. The characters were so well rounded and interesting that the character development didn’t have to be so drastic, as the characters were already fantastic in themselves.

My favorite part was the letter Lee received in the end. I won’t spoil it for you but it was very touching as she looked in the mirror after reading the letter, finally knowing more of who she was, and why she had found the sonnet in the first place. All the clues finally came together and she found out who had been looking out for her all along. And for those of you who do like action, there is a lot of that in here with thrilling near captures and daring escapes!

Any fans of Steve Berry will absolutely adore this novel. My final thoughts for this book overall is that it is wildly captivating and will hold you hostage to the end! I can only hope to read more novels by Seth Margolis in the future.

Jamie lives in the suburbs of the twin cities, working 8 to 5 and saving for college. She’s an aspiring writer and editor.

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