Reviewed by Nette Scrofani

College senior Beatrice Bernstein is bored – bored of seeing the same sights from her upper west-side two story balcony. Longing for freedom from her overprotective parents and her otherwise lackluster life, she desperately wants to travel and see the world! She hopes that moving into her college apartment will give her the independence she craves. But her apartment proves to be a disappointment of sorts; not what she was expecting at all.

Beatrice quickly discovers that she’s sharing the building with a social icon, is befriended by her and thrust into a world of freebies and VIP status. In contrast to her ideas and beliefs, she struggles with the notoriety of being friends with a famous socialite.

I had a hard time connecting to Semi-Charmed Life, the characters, and the world Beatrice lives in. It had a very “Hollywood” feel to it. I swear I’ve watched a movie with the same premise…I think it was Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan? There were some funny moments in the book that had me laughing but there was no depth to the story. I felt that at certain times the author over described things, to the point that I had too read the phrase twice to understand what she was trying to convey. It seemed like she was trying to hard to be witty and in the end it just left me confused. I could not grasp the “paranormal” aspect of the story either. It came on suddenly at the end of the story which left me scratching my head; it felt disjointed and ‘thrown in’. The plot itself was simple enough but lacked a strong message.

Although at times the author tried too hard to be witty and was over-descriptive, it wasn’t a bad book. I just had a hard time relating. I think this book is best suited for the younger genre.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by St. Martin’s Griffin. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.