Reviewed by Joanne Reynolds

Section 132 is a well-blended mix of ideologies and economics.

Martha is one of a group of children that have 13 mothers and one father. She lives at the Glory Mountain Ranch Compound in Alberta, Canada with her family of Mormon relatives. She is at a rebellious age, questions her faith and pays for that with her life.

Lillian has been born into the Mormon faith, much like Martha, but is living at the Bright Desert Light Compound in Arizona. She is now twelve and of the age where she will be married to the Bishop of the Glory Mountain Ranch in Canada. She is greatly anticipating her new role as a sister-wife and the meeting between herself and her new husband. Lillian is dismayed when her new husband walks in and is extremely overweight and old. When she arrives at the Glory Mountain compound, her name is changed to Martha. She is put into a small room and told not to do anything until her new husband comes in to initiate her into the marriage.

Richard Bergman is a land developer in British Columbia, Canada. He achieved great success with his partner Daisy and his company Richland Ltd. He has discovered some very beautiful and untouched land and wishes to develop it into a community. The land that Richard is interested in abuts onto the land owned by the Glory Mountain Ranch compound. This brings Richard into contact with that community and the greed and mistreatment that is occurring there.

While Richard is not fully aware of the abuses going on in the compound, there is enough of a situation between himself and the Bishop of the compound to raise hairs on his partner Daisy’s neck.

The story from here is as compelling as you can get. The utter clash of realities is such a prevalent theme throughout the book The characters are so well fleshed out and make you want to really understand their dreams and fears. Section 132 was well-written and I would recommend the story to all.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Joanne has always been an avid reader and loves the ability to lose herself in someone else’s life for the time that it takes to read about it. She has a huge admiration for authors and the worlds that they create for us. She enjoys reading to her granddaughters and hopes that they take up the love of reading.

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