secrets girls keep book coverReviewed by Erin N.

Modern American girls grow up in a world that is so fundamentally different than that of their male counterparts. As a result, most girls end up with a feeling of isolation within a greater society. Trying to “fit in”, struggling with self worth, and discovering her own identity leads many a young woman to hide her real thoughts and to keep secrets (even dangerous ones) from those who can help, and even from herself. Whether the secret involves sexual harassment, an eating disorder, family tragedies, or depression, American girls almost seem to be “trapped by the cult of secrecy” that is the norm of the female society.

Secrets Girls Keep: What Girls Hide (& Why) and How to Break the Stress of Silence addresses this tendency to keep quiet about some of the most important things in a growing girl’s life and addresses the underlying issues that cause the secrecy. The book is full of actual accounts from real girls from many walks of life. Their problems range across the realms of self esteem, boys and dating, friends, bullying, school, alcoholic family members, money, internet socialization, depression, drugs, eating disorders, cutting, and teen pregnancy (to name a few).

Within each category, Carrie Silver-Stock takes the reader through a list of seven tips that can be used to deal with the problem underlying the secret at hand. These tips include using your gut (intuition), discovering and using your strengths, choosing and respecting the right friends, and so on. Silver-Stock illustrates how these tips can be adapted to all situations and how breaking the secrecy cycle will help girls develop into fully functioning young women.

Carrie Silver-Stock is a licensed social worker who has spent many years working with young girls struggling with the varying issues that affect their development and futures. She is also the founder of a social networking site called girlswithdreams.com that offers advice and support for teenage girls. Secrets Girls Keep provides insight and solutions for many of life’s struggles and is a must read for any young woman or any parent/guardian of a teenage girl.

Please visit the Secrets Girls Keep website and Carrie Silver-Stock’s website for more information.

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