imagesReviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

Phoebe is the new girl at the Chadwick School, having just moved to New York City with her artist mother. Lauren is the queen-bee of Chadwick, rich and popular and hiding a troubled family behind her perfect veneer. Nick and Patch are childhood friends, living in the same building, but worlds apart. Nick’s family is a bastion of wealth and power, while Patch lives in a small apartment with his grandmother on one of lower floors. With a mother in a psychiatric institution and a father who died when he was just seven, Patch fends for himself and hopes that his prowess with a video camera will pave his way to a good college.

As the high school juniors party at a club in the Meatpacking District, Nick, Phoebe and Lauren receive mysterious text messages ordering them to go to a close by location. Curiosity takes over, and the three teens find themselves at the Night of the Rebirth. As they are initiated into the Society, Patch secretly films the entire ordeal from a vent above. All of a sudden, ‘doors’ begin to open and the new initiates are offered chances at success they never dreamed of. Phoebe is given her own art show at a popular gallery at the age of sixteen, Lauren is designing a jewelry line for a famous fashion boutique, and Nick is promoting parties at the hottest nightclubs when he is not even old enough to drink.

Is the Society behind these incredible opportunities and if so, what is the price of success? Who really runs the show and pulls the strings behind the screen? How do the initiates pay back for all the ‘luck’ they’ve been showered with? What will be the consequences for infiltrating this secret organization as Patch did? As Lauren, Phoebe and Nick become increasingly uncomfortable with the hold the Society has on their lives, will they try to leave its ranks or stay quiet for the sake of their success?

After the Twilight series, I’ve become very fond of young adult fiction, and Secret Society by Tom Dolby definitely lived up to its shiny beautiful dust cover. Drawing on people’s fascination with secret societies and the power they supposedly wield, Tom Dolby’s novel is easy on the reader, yet full of intrigue and unexpected twists that make it difficult to put down. Mid-way through the novel, I felt that I had the ending figured, only to be completely surprised when I actually got there. I only felt disappointed at the number of story lines that were left unanswered, but even that is understandable given that there is a sequel in the works.

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