seasons of pain book coverReviewed by Lauren Cannavino

Seasons Of Pain is an action-packed tale filled with horror, lust, gore and even reflections of self-discovery. Author Imowen Lodestone creates and develops an excellent complex main character Jesse that the reader will have a hard time deciding if they want to stay away from or engage with. The book may be a lot to take for readers who are generally not fans of horror fiction due to the overly descriptive, vivid details of blood and gore, but the writing is clear and the story is enjoyable enough to not have those scenes be the main focus.

Jessica or Jesse, as she is affectionately called, is a college student and stripper with a drinking problem, a no care attitude and a dark past. Expelled from her family’s witches kuven (how Lodestone chooses to spell coven), Jesse struggles with her past, the present and doesn’t seem to give much thought to her future beyond her current agenda and day. Seasons of Pain takes a turn when Jesse meets and falls for the mysterious Adalious, who has psychic, mystical powers of his own. As strange things begin to happen in Athens, Georgia, Jesse soon finds out that not only can she not run from her connection to magic, she may actually need to learn to use it. Soon, her best friend Ashley’s own dark side emerges and Jesse is thrown into a world of darkness, violence and pain that she never realized even existed. Everything she had tried so hard to pretend never existed is now slamming hard into her reality. The book is set to be the first in a trilogy and it will be interesting to see where author Imowen Lodestone decides to take the tale and the characters throughout all of the books.

Seasons of Pain is dark, rough and twisted, but contains an interesting story of warring factions of psychics, warlocks, witches and otherworldly creatures, many of whom also have to try to manage their “human” lives alongside their magical ones. Not only do they have to manage their positions, they also have to survive. Lodestone makes Jesse into a strong female lead, one that is not shy about her body, her love life or her opinion, which is a refreshing take for a heroine in a horror story. Seasons of Pain may not be for every reader, but the interesting backstory, no nonsense character relationships and all of the action (sometimes gruesome) are definitely entertaining.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Lauren Cannavino is a graduate student, freelance writer, wine lover, and avid reader. Random musings can be found over at www.goldiesays.wordpress.com.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Imowen Lodestone.