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Reviewed by Amanda Schafer

Bible journaling meets adult coloring in April Knight’s ScriptureDoodle books, but the process goes deeper than that. With ScriptureDoodle books, you are guided through learning how to effectively doodle while also increasing the depth of your study and meditation time. April Knight starts each book out with an introduction and an explanation of how to use the book, but she also covers different tips and techniques that will benefit the user as they progress through the book. Each page (intended to be a daily devotional lesson) describes a scripture and a short devotional, and then offers instructions on how to complete the doodle page. Instructions for each day include completing the artwork on the page, adding a border, adding doodle embellishments, adding scripture, and more. Some pages have you focus solely on practicing lettering while others have you practice just on borders or embellishments. As you progress through the book, you begin adding all of it as you see fit. Each page truly becomes your own personal time with the Lord.

One thing Knight stresses is to not strive for perfection or focus on the imperfections of your doodles. The point of the book is not to become a perfect artist but to deepen your relationship with God. It seems like Bible Journaling is so very popular, but there aren’t many books out there that actually offer instructions on HOW to go about doing it if you’re not the greatest artist in the world. Knight does exactly this! She takes the reader by the hand, so to speak, and walks you through each step to learn how to doodle effectively. I’ve purchased several Bible study coloring or journaling books and they all seem to assume the reader already knows how to do the doodles and lettering. I love how Knight’s ScriptureDoodle books actually explain and teach the entire process so that the reader can move forward after completing the books and can begin doing it on their own.

While I haven’t completed the books yet, I look forward to continuing to work through them and stretching my creative side while also deepening my relationship with God.

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