It’s showering giveaways, and here’s another one! Read on…

I’m sure many of you have seen photos of my cats, but for those that haven’t – I have two cats, Gucci and Bella. When we adopted Gucci, we were told that he was around 2-years-old, but we soon found out that he was closer to five. Either way, he’s a very affectionate and friendly cat and we love him to death, but he’s too big and lazy to do much playing of any kind. Now, on the bright side, his laziness (and the fact that he is front-paws declawed) also means that he does not damage anything.

Bella, on the other hand, is a completely different story! We adopted her as a kitten and she’s as playful as they come. She leaps from furniture piece to furniture piece, climbs the canopy on our bed, does running jumps onto window blinds, and the list goes on. All her antics are very fun to watch, but when she gets to work on our leather couches, the fun stops.

When CSN Stores gave me an opportunity to try out any product from their site, I jumped at the chance to get a scratching post for Bella and hopefully ward her off the couches. I bought the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post and waited (impatiently) for it to arrive. I picked this particular scratching post based on the customer reviews that CSN Stores conveniently offers. The ordering process was very easy; the post arrived quickly and in very secure packaging. Assembly was also a cinch.

Now, getting Bella to actually use the scratching post was a project, but it’s been completely worth it. The post came with some suggestions which came in useful (at one point, my dog actually peed on the post thinking it was a tree, but that’s been taken care of). I pretty much rubbed it down with cap nip and propped a feathery toy off the top to attract her. What really worked to get Bella to stop using the couches and transfer her scratching to the post was using the Sticky Paws Sheets for a few days. These sheets are sort of like large pieces of double sided tape that can be attached to furniture (and come off easily). When Bella went to scratch the couches, she got stuck to the sheet. It only took a couple tries before she stopped going there altogether.

She’s now happily using her brand new scratching post and loves perching on top of it! Every cat is different, and you have to play around with different things to find out what works for your cat. Be persistent!

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