18722927Reviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

Ten years ago, Hunter, Austin and Alex became part of something bigger than they could have imagined. Sarah, their friend, committed suicide after many attempts to tell the people around her what was going causing an impact on their lives in many ways. All three men are out to destroy Jason Treffen, philanthropist and advocate of women with a side of bribery and pimping.

Hunter Grant is a has-been sports star with a tarnished image and a bad reputation. He’s stubborn and cocky, arrogant and wealthy, yet charming enough to make Zoe Brook weak in the knees. Over the years Hunter continued to make matters worse for himself to keep his dark secrets hidden from others…until Zoe, who has a secret herself.

Zoe Brook, PR queen bee and tough girl, has an attitude that should destroy anyone in her path. She is confident and self-assured, not to mention absolutely beautiful, and on a mission to use Hunter in her attempt at destroying Jason Treffen. Sent to recover Hunter’s destroyed image, Zoe finds herself in a sexy situation where she struggles against her feelings for him.

After reading book #1 in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy, and being somewhat disappointed, I really enjoyed the second installment! I loved the energy and sarcasm that Hunter and Zoe had and I appreciate the female role being played by someone more confident, in-control and dominant. There was much more depth to Scandalize Me and I could not put it down. I enjoyed the back story and watching Zoe and Hunter fight off their feelings. It’s always refreshing to have some humor throughout and the sarcastic bickering really did it for me.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Rebecca is passionate and insane, empathetic and aggressive, loud and predictable. She loves reading, writing, shopping and creating. She is what she is and it may not be what the world wants but it is what it is. Love.

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