save me book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

Save Me by Jenny Elliott had a promising premise–it’s set in a small coastal town in Oregon, it has whales, witchcraft, demonic possession, angels, and romance. What could go wrong you ask? Well, everything is a little cliché, the romance is too insta-love for my taste and the story is way too neatly wrapped up in the end.

Save Me is a story about Cara, an eighteen year old senior in high school who meets David, an older guy, over summer break. They hit it off but once school starts they are unable to continue their relationship due to him being a student teacher. She feels she is old enough to make adult choices although her mother disagrees. The story focuses a lot on the couple’s instant love connection. They went out on one date…that’s a pretty fast love connection!

The story then changes focus to Cara’s best friend, Rachel, who is possessed and into witchcraft. I didn’t really buy into the storyline of witchcraft or possession and the reasons provided by the author for the possession are laughable. Cara was selfish towards anyone but herself and it’s no wonder Rachel left to be with her boyfriend and became “possessed”. And then there is Garren’s character. He is just thrown in to be a friend to Cara since Rachel isn’t being her friend anymore. And let’s not forget David’s ex-girlfriend who just happens to be in a cult…

I found this story to have too many loopholes and the characters were just not likable at all to me; they were flat and one-dimensional. This story focused way too much on Cara and her “love” for David. I didn’t find myself caring one way or the other about them. I also found myself struggling to finish this book. If the author writes more books I’m unlikely to pick them up. Her writing was too choppy for my taste.

I would recommend Save Me to mature teens (since there is a student/teacher relationship) or for those looking for a quick read. I did enjoy reading about the whales although I am not really sure why they were in the story to begin with…

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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