risen ii book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

When I heard that Risen II was being released I couldn’t wait to read it–I loved the first book, Risen. Risen II is different from the first installment. Francis Barclay has returned but he is not seeking revenge. This time around, he is simply wanting to protect his creation, Lorna. In the first book, he accidentally turned Lorna into a vampire. Lorna is changing and needs to be protected from herself and the town.

Lorna is the daughter of Kurt and Amanda Dale. They have started to notice small oddities about their daughter but they always manage to find ways to explain them away. They are way beyond the state of denial. Lorna knows she is different but doesn’t know that she is a vampire. She just knows that she craves blood and doesn’t mean to hurt people when she drinks from them, until they make her mad. She is a child after all–with temper tantrums and all.

Kurt is up to his adulterous ways as usual and is caught once again by his wife, Amanda, who tries to block it all out and care for their two children. There is a new detective in town, Blaze, who doesn’t care a bit for Kurt, but ends up having to deal with the Dale family more than he thought he would. Everyone in Alder Lake, new and old, has secrets and they are about to find out how connected they are to one another.

When Francis returns from the ashes, he only has a small amount of time to get to Lorna before he literally blows away. I did love how he was dedicated to wanting to help her and protect her. He did all he could in the small amount of time he had. He was even able to bring back Samantha, the vampire dog, that helped with Lorna’s transition.

Overall, I found Risen II to be not as good as the first book. I am not quite sure why I didn’t like it. The story flowed and was well written. Maybe it was that it had a lot of the same plot lines as the first book with Kurt being up to his old ways again and Amanda always in denial. I also thought this story was less chilling and it didn’t grab my attention like Risen did. I had to force myself to continue to read it.

I would recommend this story to those who would like to return to Alder Lake to see what happens next but not to those new to Alder Lake. If do choose to pick up Risen II without reading Risen, you will not be lost as Lawrence does an excellent job of getting the reader up to date on what happened previously.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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