imagesReviewed by Amanda Farmer

Reviver is Seth Patrick’s debut novel and I have to say it’s a pretty good start to a wonderful trilogy. Readers will find themselves following Jonah Miller as he confronts a dark “passenger”. Jonah is a reviver, someone who is able to bring back the dead briefly for the family to say a final goodbye or for the police to find out what happened to them. During a few of Jonah’s last revivals, he has started noticing lingering memories from the deceased and a feeling of something dark and sinister watching and following him.

Jonah meets Annabel (daughter of the first journalist to write about revivers) and their lives are thrown into a whirlwind of conspiracies, complicated friendships, and something much more dark and deadly than either could have imagined.

I loved reading this first book and cannot wait for the second one to be released. I enjoyed reading about the concept of revivers and how they changed how death was viewed by most. There are some who believe that the dead should be allowed to rest and dislike revivers. I was immediately along on the ride with Jonah, Annabel, Jonah’s friend Never (who never gives up on Jonah), and Michael Andreas (one of the first to work with revivers and make a profit from them). Reviver had me guessing all the way to the end about what was going to happen next and why. And the ending…let’s just say there is much more to the story than I ever expected.

Overall, this is a well written book that doesn’t let up until the end. I highly recommend this story to all who like a good murder mystery, some paranormal thrown in, and a dash of forensics. As a side note, there are rumors that this book might become a movie. I would definitely watch it.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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