mother-daughter duet book coverReviewed by Dimpel P.

Mother-Daughter Duet was written with honesty and love by a mother and daughter who were successful in restoring a relationship that was once filled with distance and conflict. The two most important lessons in this book were learning to have an open heart and finding the capability, one that most of believe is lost to us, to be genuinely forgiving. Forgiveness will heal not only our relationships with others, but also our relationships with ourselves.

As an adult daughter coming from a culture that is much stricter than what is common for most American women, I found this book to be of help to me in so many diverse ways. Growing up in America, I learned that parents allow their children to be “free” and to live a life filled with their own choices. I found my freedom through rebellion, thinking that I’d have everything I wanted if only I did exactly the opposite of what I was told by my parents. In doing this, I destroyed the most important aspect of my relationship with my mother, the ability for us to be able to trust one another.

Mother-Daughter Duet  taught me that there is always hope when it comes to having a harmonious relationship with my mother. Because of the story that is told in Mother-Daughter Duet, I received advice on how to connect with my mother in a loving and healthy way. I learned that the bridges I thought to be long destroyed can be rebuilt.

Anyone who reads this book will find their own story in its pages. All of us have had to conflict with our mothers in one form or another. This book will provide you with the tools necessary to bring about resolution and understanding, to re-build trust, and to find the ability to forgive.

Dimpel enjoys writing about Health & Medicine, Addiction & Recovery, and Self-Help. She previously worked as a medical assistant and did transcription and coding for medical and legal practices.

dancing with my father book coverReviewed by Michelle S.

Sally Clarkson plays many roles: writer, speaker, wife, mother, missionary and more. Yet she shows that even a strong Christian can still struggles with pettiness, temper, and negative emotions. In her search for joy in a life full of disappointments, frustrations, and day-to-day interruptions, she found solace in a memory of dancing with her father. As he twirled her around the dance floor, she found pure joy. Trying to regain that joy, Clarkson writes a poignant lesson on how to live our lives as if God is our dance partner in her new book, Dancing with My Father.

Each chapter offers a glimpse into Clarkson’s personal life, and demonstrates a different aspect of dancing with a partner. In addition to showing us that God is one of love, beauty, and goodness, each chapter is wrapped up with thought provoking questions and prayer.

I found reading this book to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It had some slow moments, and some moments where I felt like I was trudging through some of the same old advice. On the other hand, my heart soared through chapter five as it spoke of God as an artist, and I cried as I read the account of Marcy who, dying of ovarian cancer, never lost sight of heaven and wanted to share the way to everyone she loved.

By the time I reached the last page, and the last prayer, I felt I had a better understanding of the nature of God as a good father. Knowing how to be his dance partner means that anyone can find joy in their lives if they just dance.

Michelle recently returned to her West Virginia roots to re-invent herself. She is the principal web and graphic designer at Michelle My Belle Designs, and blogs at 52 Self-help Books. Putting up with her madness is her husband Jason, dog Leo, and rabbit Macchiato. 

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