Reviewed by Alisha Churbe

Jennifer Stirling arrives home after an accident that leaves her without her most recent memories, most importantly the affair in which she’s involved. In trying to find her true self and just “get back to normal,” she finds a letter signed only from an elusive “B.” Stirling is unable to remember “B” but spends the next few months reconstructing and discovering her life with the confines of her marriage and the freedoms of her affair. The novel is placed partially in the past and partially in current times, where another woman, Ellie Haworth researches the past of Stirling’s affair while struggling to make sense of her own relationship with a married man.

Moyes’s characters are all likable; many will stay with you long after you have finished the novel. The Last Letter from Your Lover is tragic at times, as Moyes’s doesn’t follow the usual rules of “Happily Ever After,” but weaves real life conflicts into the story. Moyes expertly explores the reasons one would give everything up and the reasons they would stay. The novel is placed partially in the 1960s; Moyes has executed this time brilliantly, and the reader will feel transported into the era. The details of the affair are intricate, personal, and believable.

The Last Letter from Your Lover is a compelling retelling of a brief encounter twisted with consequence, missed opportunity, and hope. The pacing of the novel allows for a quick read, but forces you to soak it all in. The Last Letter is a perfect read for a trip or while in bed next to your lover. A love story, yes, but not confined in the box of tradition. The story takes unexpected turns and finally ends in a place well deserved.

Rating: 3.5/5

Part-time fiction writer, Alisha Churbe lives in Portland, Oregon. In the rare instances when you can pry her away from books, Alisha can be found travelling in foreign countries, cooking, or hiking with her husband Michael and dog Zach.

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