remember mia book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

When a mother wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of previous events, chaos typically ensues. When Estelle Paradise wakes up in the hospital, she can only remember that her daughter, Mia, is missing. Her egotistical and oppressive husband, along with police detectives, barrage her with such questions as: Where is Mia? What have you done with my daughter? Did you forget her? What did you do?

With Estelle’s mind in shambles she must fight to gradually remember the events of Mia’s disappearance.

Mia was a colicky baby and she would cry whenever Estelle held her. Each day Estelle grew more and more unstable, fearing that her child hated her, that she was not good enough as a mother, that the colic was in fact a mysterious disease. As the chapters unfold, Estelle starts to feel trapped by motherhood, by her husband, and by her life, and she arrives at a breaking point. When she looks into Mia’s angelic eyes she sees demons instead of feeling the love she, as a mother, should feel.

One morning, she wakes up only to realize her daughter is silent, uncharacteristic for a colicky baby like Mia. Estelle walks into Mia’s room to find that her daughter is not only missing, but every trace of her is gone. Her diapers, her clothes, her toys and even her dirty diapers have disappeared. Every trace of Mia is gone. Estelle wakes up in that hospital room unsure of anything and everything. Where is Mia? She does not know how she got to where she was found, she does not know where Mia is, or even if she has done anything to her. Police and her husband doubt her innocence and she soon begins to question it as well. Estelle forces herself to retrace her steps to find her child before the inevitable. With the help of her doctor, Estelle slowly pieces together the fragments, gaining more questions than answers along her way.

Burt weaves a mystery so uncomfortable that I cringed through each of the opening chapters. Eventually, thought, I felt drawn in by the story and enthralled by the hunt for Mia. Remember Mia has a very well written psychological aspect and a readable plot but also left me wanting more in certain parts. This combination of positive and negative makes Remember Mia a great afternoon read but is by no means a “not able to put down, page turner”. Give Remember Mia a chance though–the psychological aspect and unique point of view is worth the read.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh with her wife and furry children. She loves to cook, watch movies, and looks for inspiration in every book she reads.

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